48 Tolly Move Preperation

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 On our trip down we got to meet Dan and his brother as our van quit right in the middle of the LA freeway so about $1500 dollars and two days later we got the van back but in the meantime we rented a car and took basic supplies from the van and drove on to Wilmington to start the process.
 After two days of cleaning and several trailer loads of trash we could finally see the real damage.  This is the back of the salon wall where the fire originated.
  This is looking forward on starboard side, Inner wall of the fly bridge is gone
 This is the port side and again the inner wall is gone
 This is the aft Port side of the fly bridge just above where the fire originated, here the inner wall of the fly bridge is more intact
 We took numerous pictures documenting the locations of various parts for future replacement.  This is midway on the port wall of fly bridge where the iner wall is very intact.
 Then started the disassembly and documentation of where things were located for future replacement
 This is the forward starboard corner after cleaning and getting ready to move the fly bridge.  very little remains of the interior walls.
 This is the remains of the console area of the fly bridge.  The surveyor that looked at the boat still thought that repair of the fly bridge was practical rather then total replacement, We shale see.
Annotation:This is the port corner just before the move down to the front deck
 Unfortunately we have no intermediate picture of moving the fly bridge down to the deck but it did get there and it only took the two of us to do it. The whole process of disconnecting it, building a ramp from a couple of 2x6s to slide it on and the actual move took about 10 hours though it was interrupted by a wind storm and we had to tie it down until the wind quit.
 It took us another 6 hours to get shrink wrap over the damaged area to keep things dry while it sat there waiting for transport and during transport
 Because the integrity of the walls of the flay bridge had been severely damaged we added cross braces to the tail end.
This is the forward part of the fly bridge after it is down on the front deck ready for transport.
 This is the aft wall of the salon after shrink wrapping.
 Aft wall of salon starboard side after shrink wrapping.
 We were all packed up and ready to leave after verifying that the height of the boat was a minimum when Jack the yard owner and shipper asked us about the mast. We had been concentrating on the fly bridge so much that we did not even notice that the radar extended way above the top of the salon. By this time we were very tired and could not think of a clean solution so out came the battery operated reciprocating saw and the mast got a crew cut which let it down to the deck and solved the height problem. Not elegant but at this point it got the job done and only cost us a couple of minutes though I will pay for it in the future unless we replace the mast with an arch..